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Dave and Nichole's story starts much the same as many a Calgary couples probably has, it all started at the Roadhouse of all places and believe it or not during Stampede!  Nichole had just moved to BC for work, but Dave's charm eventually won her over that night and upon Nichole's return to BC they spoke almost everyday until they decided they just couldn't be apart any longer and Nichole packed up and moved back to Calgary where they started their family together.

I had read this story on Nichole's wedding website and knew that I was in for a day filled with love, little did I know just how much love! As the photographer I was lucky enough to see both Dave and Nichole before they walked down the isle, before anyone else had seen them, before they had seen eachother and love and excitement was pouring out of them both.  I walked with the Pastor to the Bridal room and as he opened the door seen Nichole standing in the middle of the room, a beautiful white dress, gorgeous hair, and a smile to rival the one on her soon to be husbands face.  She was stunning to look at and not because she was in a wedding gown, and not because her makeup was perfect, and not because of her piercing green eyes, because I had never seen anyone look so happy, chill's went up and down my spine and goose bumps hit my arms. There truly is no better job in the world then to witness two people who are so in love as they get ready to spend their lives together.  I am so happy I could be part of this day!

Just Married!

I couldn't decide which way I liked this one better so am adding both!

I LOVE this one!



Have I ever had so much fun?? Maybe, but this ranks pretty high up there on my list! Dave and Nichole and their wedding party are a blast to spend the afternoon with! and I am in LOVE with all their pictures! I may just sit up all night looking through them...I had big plans of coming home, putting on some snuggie jammies and watching New Moon on the PVR, however, believe it or not ladies, editing their photos is so much better!!

Hope you enjoy a little peek guys..I can't wait to show you more!!




Dearest Mother Nature,
It has been brought to my attention that I have in some way ticked you off...I would like to formally apologize for this, however, I am not sure what it is exactly that has made you hate me so much.  Is it because every January I complain day in and day out that I hate the winter weather, I no longer enjoy your  three feet of snow and -35 temps? In my defense I have two small children to wrestle into snow suits every morning at 7:20am, oh yes I realize Ella does not need to be at school until 8:30am this is just how long it takes us to get everything on an out the door, maybe you were not aware of that.  Possibly it is because come July I am instantly mad at your +30 temps as they make me cranky and uncomfortable, its just that I hate tank tops and shorts make my legs resemble chickens and lets be honest with eachother that is just not flattering.  Also I am now living in Calgary and must say living on the island spoiled me, I became accustomed to seeking comfort under a shady tree wherever I looked, this can not be found here in Calgary and my kids love to go to the park when its +25 and its just not fun to sit out in the sun baking with no shade while they cry because their little butt was just burnt on a steel slide, I am sure you can sympathize with me on that one.  Is it because I am constantly cursing you? constantly annoyed with your wind in my hair, again you must give me a break, I have extremely thick hair  and it hurts to brush out all those knots after an afternoon at the zoo when you have decided that it would be best to have it be a very comfortable +16 when I leave the house to go to the zoo and then laugh as you make the wind blow me away once I get out of the car because you know full well there is no getting those kids to leave once they get there.

Regardless, I have had to rebook shoot after shoot because of you, I prayed to you on Leslie and Kelly's wedding day in hopes of you giving me a break and making a beautiful sunset at the very  least, well you were either not home or choosing to ignore me at that moment.  I re booked Erin's family shoot 3 times due to your weather and when I finally gave in and shot it in your blizzard you presented a beautiful day the following day.  I re booked the Hassman's because of your winter deep freeze, I know their photos came out nicely but they would have been fantastic outdoors and you know that.  Lets not even talk about the Blaker's session!!

So I ask Mother Nature, why oh why is today a lovely +8 with the perfect amount of sunshine and why oh why is Thursday a very acceptable +16 and, as you know full well, I am shooting a wedding on Saturday, WHY is it going to snow??? Honestly, Mother Nature, don't you think this a tad Elementary of you? can we not be grown ups and work together? As I said above I would really like to apologize to you I will try not to complain quite so much about the weather if you could just once give me a decent day to take some photographs, after all its not just me you are hurting its Dave and Nichole, and I don't know what gets said behind closed doors but have they too ticked you off?? Because if so I can imagine they are also very sorry.

Anyway just wanted to clear the air a bit, give you some time to stew on this before Saturday and possibly change your mind, maybe we could be friends after all??  I will continue to check the weather station in hopes we have resolved this little issue.

I've added this picture I took last summer to show you I really do love you some of the time!

Respectfully yours



I have had so many inquires for bookings once the warmer weather hits, and I am so excited to get outside and take some family and children's photos, however, sadly I wont be taking any bookings, other than what is already booked for the entire month of May due to a family issue, But will be back at it in June so book away!!



Yes, Ella is dominating the blog these past couple weeks, and yes, I realize not everyone who reads my blog is as enamored with Ella as I am, however, I sometimes still think the only other person actually reading my blog is my Mom and I know she is just as enamored as I am, therefore, I continue to post her.  Beyond thinking about how I am more in love with my kids then I ever thought one could be, I think often about how we don't live anywhere near the other people we love and its sometimes hard to make sure everyone gets the Thank You phone call they all very much deserve and we are truly sorry for that, if you are new to our lives, you should know we are only what I like to call "surface organized" this meaning we come across as though we've got our act together but in reality I am continually rushing through the days trying to get it all in and taking valuable time out of each day making to do lists which end up frustrating me and taking up an hour of wich I could have been phoning to thank people but by then I have to get to the school an hour early because if I don't I will a. not get a parking spot and b. not have time to run Oliver as hard as possible at the playground which will in turn have him coming down the stairs 25 times because he isn't tired and then the dishes don't get done and said phone calls often get put off until Tuesday night when we will be home and everyone will hopefully be tired, but then I forget Ella has piano and violin Tuesday so on Wednesday I write them on my to do list for Thursday but then I forget we have musical theater Thursdays  which wasn't on my to do list because I have too much trouble organizing a proper to do list so it goes to Sunday but then I forget  surprise surprise we are never organized Sunday nights and I am rushing to bath kids and wash a favorite shirt for Monday morning so it gets pushed to Tuesday again but then I forget Brock gets home Tuesday night and we have to pick him up at the airport AND Ella has piano and violin then it gets forgotten because when Brock comes home we shut down, we only talk to him, we only acknowledge his existance in the world like we are the only 4 people living in it, friends don't get called, family dosen't get called, we just enjoy having him home, so by this time weeks have gone by and it would be utterly rude to make such a call, so that said we would like to formally THANK everyone who sent Ella money for her birthday! She saved it all  up and bought yet another insturment to add to her growing collection and is asking to once again drain our bank account and my gas tank and try and force me to get organized with a third music lesson!

Enjoy these photos of her with her new love....and to all our family memebers who are waiting for photos of our kids they are coming ASAP just keep in mind ASAP to me might not have the same meaning it does to you, but they are on my to do list ;)



Hours of preparation went into this party! We must thank our good friend Elise for all her hard work helping make Tutu's, her amazing tissue paper flowers and helping bake all the yummy cupcakes and most importantly staying up with me until 1:45am keeping me company while sewing all the aprons! Not to mention her help in keeping the craziness of the party at bay. Wow can a group of 7 year old girls give you a run for you money!! These girls were full of personality and fun! I just wish Oliver hadn't broken the video camera so we could have caught some of the awesome moves at the dance off!!

I truly enjoyed every second that went into planning and putting on the party and I loved watching Ella's eyes light up when she came down in the morning to see all the Tutu's, the next day when she woke up to aprons and flowers and when she got home from school to see all the cupcakes and cupcake cake. I kept saying to people that told me I was crazy for doing it all, "one day she will appreciate it, it might not be tomorrow, or even the next day but one day" I think I was wrong, I think she already appreciates it and we thank Sydney for the chapters gift card, we spent most of the next afternoon sipping coffee and hot chocolate and looking at books, one of our favourite things to do and much need relaxation the next day!

Heres just a few party pictures!


Oli James got in on the decorating too! and no one pulled the apron off better then he did!

Cupcake decorating was very creative!

Ella and her very sweet friend, Mariah! One of the sweetest pictures from the photo shoot!
Just try and get all these girls to sit for a picture after all the sugar they had eaten!!!

I am already thinking of ideas for next years party!! are you ready Elise????